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Wild at Heart Bridal is a unique bridal boutique for the modern bride. Our light and dreamy boutique has a laid-back and natural vibe and is located a beautiful monumental villa. We take on a new approach to bridal fashion with nontraditional wedding gowns and accessories from all around the globe. During your appointment with us you have one of our large fitting roomes all to yourself and your crew. One of our stylist will then help you make a selection of gowns that you wish to try on. All our appointment take place in an intimate, one on one setting with a stylist who truly listens to you, wants to get to know your personal style and knows our collection by heart. This way it is gonna be so much fun finding the right dress for you!
Owner of Wild At Heart Bridal ‘Annika Noordzij’ says: I started Wild At Heart Bridal after my own wedding, because when I was looking for my dress I experienced it was really hard to find a gown that truly reflected my style and personality.

And to find a store or boutique where the people really listened to what I wanted, gave their honest opinion and where they would think with me in stead of for me. This inspired me to start a boutique that would inspire me as a bride and where it would actually be hard to only choose one dress. At Wild At Heart Bridal we now have a carefully curated selection of gowns from the most sought after designers in the bridal world, such as Rime Arodaky, Laure de Sagazan, Alexandra Grecco, Rue de Seine and many more. Wild at Heart Bridal offers a carefully selected range of styles; from elegant and romantic, to cool and minimalistic, to vintage and bohemian. Our exclusive designer brands, are chosen for their unique and refreshing designs and offer every bride a chance to find a dress that reflects her spirit and personal style. Go ahead, check out our 'designers' or are you already in love? Book your appointment.

Meet the team

I started Wild At Heart Bridal almost 4 years ago wanting to bring the coolest gowns from all over the world to The Netherlands. I love my little dog Izzy, who always comes with me to the boutique, I am addicted to pizza and crazy about my husband Jeroen. I am always honest and say what I think, when I sneeze I sound like Tweety and deep down I am a little shy. Winter is my favorite time of year and I wish Christmas was all year round. I absolutely love helping our brides find the perfect gown in which they feel like themselves. Especially the moment where I can see in a girls eyes that she feels so beautiful keeps on being magical! If I would choose a dress today it would definitely have long sleeves and probably be clean or beaded!

annika noordzij

Annika, Owner

Yvette is probably one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She cares so much about others, organizes our office to perfection and loves helping people. She also has a crazy crush on Adam Driver, loves surfing so much that she even does it in winter, loves everything from Chanel (especially the vintage bags) and is engaged herself with her fiancee Geert. Whether it is online or in the boutique, Yvette loves to help you. She is answering all your emails, questions and is super excited to meet you in person. She loves to help you find your own unique style so that you can choose a dress that is truly, you. If she where to choose a dress herself it woud be a minimalistic one so she could accessorize it to the max!

yvette franken

Yvette, assistent store manager

Esra lights up every room and has endless energy. We are talking about some serious good vibes here! She loves nothing more than helping you feel beautiful and happy in your dress. She is also obsessed with dogs, mostly her own dog Frenkie. She is an amazing cook, loves colors (I know, the irony!) and is actually a trained dancer. But my favorite thing about her is that she is one hundred percent herself and will never ever apologize for it. We lover her and just know that you will too. This girl has the bigger hard and an amazing sense of personal style. She is a perfect stylist and can help you find the dress that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself, in a heartbeat. If she would choose a dress it would be one with a high neckline and an open back, probably a bit minimal.

esra laisina

Esra, Stylist

Sophie is definitely the cool girl on the block and we just love her bad ass personal style. She is always excited and loves finding you the perfect dress. She also loves Dr. Martens, music and going to festivals and concerts and is almost always hungry (we love that!). You can put her in a room full of people and no doubt every single one will end up loving her. And how could you not? She makes our brides feel at ease during every appointment just by being the awesome person that she is. She understands that everyone is unique and knows just how to find the perfect dress to match it. If she could choose a dress it would either be a very detailed, maybe even bohemian dress or a minimal gown showing of her figure!

sophie folkers

Sophie, Stylist

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