Curious to see which dresses we offer? Here you will find our selection of designer dresses and hand picked accessories. Bohemian? Vintage? Modern? Elegant? We got you covered. Are you as happy about what you see as we are? Great! Let’s get this party started and schedule your appointment.

bohemian wedding dress wild at heart bridal

Bo & Luca

We envision these gowns for the bohemian bride with a hint of glamour. Think long embellished sleeves, flowing hand dyed fabrics combined with a modern yet timeless style and fit. Feel like you got that style down? Than these gowns are for you. All gowns are handmade in Australia.

Designer: Shannon Pittman
Price Range: €3.500 – €7.500

Daughters of Simone bohemian trouwjurk

Daughters of Simone

We envision these gowns for the free-spirited bride who loves to travel and party till dawn at festivals. Vintage and crochet lace gowns in off the shoulder and cut-out styles. We love this cool girl brand from L.A.

Designer: Brittany Castanos
Price Range: €2.000 – €3.500

Made with love bridal wild at heart

Made With Love Bridal

These wedding gowns are perfect for the sexy and cool bride. The romantic lace patterns in combination with the ‘sexy cuts’ create a feminin yet edgy look. You will absolutely steal the show at your wedding day. All dresses are designed and made in the atelier in Australia.

Designer: Carla Jenkins
Price range: €1.600 – €2.500

& For Love

We envision these gowns for the laid-back bride searching for a dress that is modern yet romantic. Stylish gowns and jumpsuits in stunning lace and soft comfortable fabrics. & For Love is for brides that are searching for pieces that are unique, beautiful and nontraditional for their wedding day. All gowns are handmade in Canada.

Designer: Angel Spendlove
Prince Range: €1.450 – €2.100

Arlington Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco

We envision these gowns for the elegant bride with effortless style. Floral embellishments, romantic flutter sleeves and high quality fabrics make these dresses look like they’re from a fairytale. All gowns are hand made in New York City.

Designer: Alexandra Grecco
Price Range: €2.100 – €5.000

Karen Willis Holmes Wild at Heart Bridal

Karen Willis Holmes

We envision these gowns for the timeless, elegant bride who loves to steal the show at her wedding day. Wether you’re getting married on a beach, in a church or laidback in a garden. These dresses are perfect for any location and will definitely make you feel radiant. We can stare at the beading and the beautiful patterns at these dresses for hours. All dresses are designed and made in Australia.

Designer: Karen Willis Holmes
Price range: €2.350 – €2.900

Rue de seine wild at heart

Rue de Seine

We envision these gowns for the vintage and eclectic bride who loves the thrill of adventures but also the coziness of dinner outside with friends and family. She loves to collect unique objects and in the search for her wedding dress she is no different. Rue de Seine gowns are inspired by traditional styles from all over the globe, giving them unique laces, fabrics and styles. All gowns are handmade in New Zealand.

Designer: Michele Corty
Price Range: €2.250 – €4.000

A la Robe

We envision these gowns for the effortless and modern bride. She wants to wear something comfortable and timeless where she can dance in all night. Her ceremony is probably outside, in the forest or on a beach, her dress dancing around her in the wind. A la Robe creates the most effortless slip dresses with a low back and a pure sense of femininity. All gowns are handmade in New Zealand.

Designer: Elizabeth Soljak
Price Range: €1.800 – €2.800

Rime Arodaky Wild at Heart Bridal

Rime Arodaky

We envision these gowns for the bride who isn’t afraid to be her own. She is cool, sexy, feminine, independent and full of life. She prefers ‘less is more’ and subtle and extraordinary details. She will find this in the bridal line by Rime Arodaky, the rock & roll designer from Paris who is famous for her luxurious fabrics, original designs and amazing embroideries. All dresses are handmade in Paris.

Designer: Rime Arodaky
Price Range: €3.390 – €4.100

Anais Anette Savannah Wild at Heart

Anaïs Anette

We envision these gowns for the modern yet classic bride who is looking for an elegant and timeless gown with some modern edge. At the heart of this brands is ‘grace’. It sparks the pursuit of refined simplicity in form and elegance in movement. It is the creative force behind the design and craftsmanship of every Anaïs Anette gown. It is, simply put, the guiding principle in their atelier. All gowns are handmade in Canada.

Designer: Karolina & Magdalena
Price Range: €2.000 – €2.700

Laure de Sagazan Wild at Heart Bridal

Laure de Sagazan

We envision these gowns for the feminin yet vintage bride who is looking for gown with an elegant and relaxed vibe. Laure gets her inspiration from icons like Godard and Gainsbourg. The gowns have a timeless feel to them because of the use of authentic French lace and beautiful silk fabric. Pure, chic and feminin. All the gowns are handmade in the atelier in Paris.

Designer: Laure de Sagazan
Price range: €2.500 – €3.500

Chosen Wild at Heart bridal


We envision these gowns for the bride who wants to be her true self on her wedding day. The gowns are modern yet classic and have great details. Whether you’re looking for a dress that sparkles like the stars or a clean silhouette. We got you covered!

Designer: Kyha
Price range: €1.500 – €6.500

bohemian wedding dress wild at heart bridal

Lovers Society

We envision these gowns for the free spirited bride. She gets married surrounded by all her loved ones in the backyard or chooses an adventurous elopement. The feminine silhouettes combined with unique lace create a timeless bohemian look.

Price range: €1900 – €2100

Margaux Tardits Wild at Heart Bridal

Margaux Tardits


Designer: Margaux Tardits
Prijs: €3.200 – €3.900

Jeanne Source Wild at Heart Brildal

Jeanne Source

The wedding gowns of Jeanne Source is for the bride who is in love, a bit wild but determined in what she wants. She likes simplicity, lightness and will probably spend her wedding somewhere outside in a forest or on a beach drinking champagne and dancing all night. All gowns are handmade in the atelier in Paris.

Designer: Jeanne Source
Prijs: €2.800 – €3.500


Luna Bea

The stunning bridal hair accessories by Luna Bea are one of a kind pieces of art that are handcrafted in London England.The line consists of future heirlooms that return to the celebration of female sensuality from another world, place and time. They will add that little something extra to your wedding look.

Naturae Design

Every piece by Naturae Designs is inspired by natural elements made by a combination of the best in antique and modern craftsmanship. Gold and silver plated pieces and precious stones are wired and soldered by hand so that each piece holds its fairness through long periods of time. Made in limited small quantity in the tradition of fine craftsmanship.

moderne sieraden wild at heart bridal

Laurie Fleming Jewelry

Jewelry claims the most alluring places on the body and compels us to notice them. It’s created to trace and enhance the curves of the body, becoming an extension of our essence. Laurie Fleming uses these concepts in her enigmatic, romantic style to create adornment for the captivating woman, who’s depth is never revealed at first glance. Fluid metals refined with glowing stones give the feeling of intrinsic ascendancy, while still preserving its delicate femininity.

Mae's Sunday

Mae's Sunday

Mae’s Sunday are a lingerie and boudoir line embodying a Sunday-kind of love, a collection of delicate, romantic and timeless trousseau, for the perfect sensual Sunday. Each piece in the Mae’s Sunday collection is hand crafted and meticulously thought out from the first thread to your first wear. Highest of quality silk fabrics combined with European Chantilly and exclusive American guipure laces bring together the unique sensual pieces.

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