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Sarah + Jesse: natural chic in Austria

Name: Sarah & Jesse

Designer + Dress: Rime Arodaky – Caplan top and Pennington skirt

Weddingdate: 22th july 2017

Weddinglocation: Horn, Austria

Which other vendors have contributed to your wedding?
Chris & Ruth Photography
Karl Schwillinsky Catering
Music: Squash Blossom Boys and Gone Hepsville
Wedding Planner: Anika Polesch, from Gluckskonzepte

Wild at heart bridal
Wild at heart bridal
Wild at heart bridal

How would our describe your style?
Natural & chic.

What made your dress perfect for you?
I had a lot of trouble picking a dress – I wanted something unique but timeless, comfortable but flattering, and socially conscious. I had tried on probably 50 dresses by the time I finally decided.

I decided on a Rime Arodaky dress not only because I love her style, but because of a social mission she supports – assistance to Syrian refugees. I had spent the last ten years working on refugee resettlement and support, with a particular focus on the Syrian refugee community. My husband-to-be and I actually met through a fundraiser for Syrian refugees, so it seemed particularly relevant to purchase a dress from a designer who equally supports the cause. It also fit with a few other items that I had purchased for the wedding that had been made by Syrian refugee cooperatives (carpets and jewelry) – I was so glad that was able to have a cause I feel so passionate about present at our wedding.

I also enjoyed having a cultural connection to Rime – I had lived in Lebanon and France, and felt her cultural background reflected in the style of the dress.

What did you like most about your experience at Wild At Heart Bridal?
The shop is beautiful – warm and calm. I like that it is in a small town in the Netherlands as opposed to on a major shopping street in the downtown of a large city – it made it feel more intimate and special.

Annika’s approach to dresses is not overly pushy – I felt she offered honest commentary that served as a valuable reassurance about my choice in a dress, without trying to convince me to buy something that wasn’t for me.

Wild at heart bridal
Wild at heart bridal
Wild at heart bridal

What was the highlight of your weddingday?
I had a few!

As my dad and I began to walk across the lawn and towards the aisle, I was somewhat confused why my soon-to-be husband appeared to not be looking up towards us. We were still quite far away, but it did surprise me. As we neared, and turned to walk down the aisle, Jesse and I made eye contact and he instantly burst into tears, looking up to the clouds and laughing as tears began to stream down his face. It was the sweetest moment – it was clear how present and focused he was, and how honest and very real his emotions were. And, of course, it made me start to cry instantly as well. I loved watching my brother support Jesse and my dad support me as the two of us melted into a sweet and emotional bliss.

Of course, the vows. Jesse and I wrote our own vows, but harmonized the structure. We had not heard them before that moment. I could not have been prouder to share why I love Jesse so much, and to commit to loving and caring for someone who contributes so much to the world – including making me a better person. And I could not have been more honored and humbled to have the person I admire most share his reasons for loving me, and a commitment to build a life together.

After dinner, I went upstairs to change into a shorter skirt for our first dance, and came down to see Jesse on-stage with the band. My heart stopped as he began to play the guitar, and I realized he was going to sing. Jesse had sung to me on the first day we met and the day he proposed, and both were among the most heart-wrenching, overwhelming moments of my life – he is skilled at expressing love through music. I knew this would be no different. Everyone at the wedding was transfixed as he started singing “The Luckiest Man,” with his brother by his side. I held hands with my sister, thanking the world for having made me the luckiest girl. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.

Wild at heart bridal
Wild at heart bridal

What advice do you have for other brides planning their weddingday?
Put equally amounts of time into the most heartfelt moments of the wedding – such as your vows, acts of love for your future spouse, and acts of appreciation for everyone who has contributed to it – as to the standard details, such as food, music, and photography

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us about your wedding?
I wish I could do it all over again because it was just so fun!

Wild at heart bridal
Wild at heart bridal
Wild at heart bridal

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