Barcelona Bridal Week – 2023

Barcelona Bridal Week – 2023

Last April we flew to Barcelona for Bridal Week. No punishment, especially because the sun was shining wonderfully there and we were dealing with a somewhat sad start to spring.
Seen, done so much and an incredibly wonderful experience. That is why we have chosen to dedicate two blogs to our Spanish adventure.

The Bridal Week is the ideal time for us to have live contact with our designers again and to discover new brands, view new collections and literally immerse yourself in the Bridal world. And in Barcelona this is certainly accompanied by one - or more - glasses of Sangria. We know, worst job ever…

Fashion shows
The first day for us was completely filled with fashion shows. We visited both the Sophie et Voilà show and the Isabel Sanchis show.

Isabel Sanchis works a lot with evening dresses and has a slightly more daring bridal collection. Sophie et Voilà, on the other hand, works a lot with separates, which creates more dimension and a certain exciting effect.

Isabel Sanchis
We were completely in love with the Isabel Sanchis collection. The show was a real experience and the collection consisted of dresses with many cut-outs, large roses and flowers and different structures. Think of more sculptural shapes with sturdier fabrics. Which is very cool and refreshing, given the current trend of minimal dresses and soft fabrics.

The next day we had definitely - completely consciously - planned a day off. Enjoyed the sun, small boutiques, and delicious tapas. We ended this day off with the girls from Bon Bridé on the terrace. It is always nice to have contact with the designers in an informal setting.

Designer Day
The next day was all about all the well-known and unknown designers.

Bon Bride
We visited Bon Bridé again. Their amazing collection for next year consists of many separates, wrap dresses, minis, tops and trousers. The entire atmosphere is more sculptural, kimono-like. We were very impressed ourselves. We have therefore significantly expanded our current collection and all dresses will arrive this fall.

Alexandra Grecco
Then we continued to Alexandra Grecco. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to share any images of this yet, as the new collection will only be released this summer. But we can say that the new collection is exactly what you would expect from Alexandra Grecco; romantic, lots of minimal and different types of silk. For the first time this year, they are working more with draping and have developed a beautiful new pattern of 3D flowers.

Bo & Luca
After a mini-break we continued to Bo & Luca, one of the brands we have been selling since the beginning. Bo & Luca is based in South Africa and the designer Shannon is a beautiful woman inside and out and always wonderful to see her again. They did not release a new collection during Fashion Week, but we were able to admire all previous collections. Bo & Luca also reflect the minimal style in their own collections, all without losing their own identity. Because they know how to combine it with beautiful beadwork, which they design themselves and which is made in India. You could describe Bo & Luca's style as exotic, romantic, boho chic. A style that is hitting us hard.

A La Robe
The last of our current designers we visited Elizabeth from A La Robe . Elizabeth had rented an apartment herself and upon entering you were greeted by the wonderful floral scent of lilacs. A La Robe is known for its epic slip dresses. And this year she also had some innovations; In addition to silk crepe and silk satin, they now also use silk velvet. And they also have a new model with a draped front and more structure.

Then rounded off the day with Elizabeth from A La Robe and Zoë from Zo & Willow - a really cool Bridal store in Berlin, in case you live there! ;)

Curious about our view on all the trends for this wedding season and which new designers we have looked for and where we might work more? Then read our next blog!