Barcelona Bridal Week – part 2

Barcelona Bridal Week – deel 2

In our previous blog you could read about our adventures during the Barcelona Bridal Week. In this blog we take you back to Barcelona and give you an insight into potential new designers and the bridal trends for the upcoming wedding season.

Isabel Sanchis
Isabel Sanchis dresses are the perfect mix between classic, daring and sexy. What is also very nice is that many adjustments are possible. In all our years we have noticed that many brides like it if some small details can be adjusted to a dress, so that it really feels as if it has been made to fit your body. Definitely a designer to keep an eye on!

Sophie et Voilà
We immediately had 4 favorite dresses from Sophie et Voilà. They are beautiful dresses, well priced and you can make many different types of combinations. We would describe Sophie et Voilà more as minimal chic with playful details.

Sarah Seven
Sarah Seven is a brand from New York. They have many minimal wedding dresses in their collection. Most dresses are form-fitted and they work a lot with draping, veils, off the shoulder and corsets. Anyway, it was nice to see these dresses on the models. And honestly, they looked beautiful on them, which says a lot about the dresses and the designer. You also see the minimal trend coming back with them - as with many designers.

And last but not least the Spanish brand, Cortana . We are still completely in love with the fabrics, possible combinations, falls and the complete appearance of this brand. They have a beautiful bridal collection made from only organic fabrics and natural materials. They design all their fabrics themselves and certainly dare to experiment with them. Such as, for example, a very beautiful shiny fabric with metal woven through it. Actually, it felt almost magical; the fabrics and how they managed to combine the dresses with overlays, skirts, tops, veils, wraps. Just think of it, anything was possible. Whatever you combined created such a completely different look. And we think brides really like that these days - to play with their looks - without having to change dresses. They have beautiful slip dresses from minimal to romantic with small cap sleeves or halter. They work with different shades, from ivory to champagne. This way you can find exactly the color that looks great with your skin. In short, we were so impressed that we decided to go to their boutique in Mallorca, which is literally the most beautiful place, heaven. More about that later! ;) But we can already tell you, with great pride, that we have decided to add this wonderful, unique designer to our collection and we expect it to arrive this fall.

Trends 2023/2024
Besides the fact that minimal wedding dresses are still a trend, we are seeing some shift. We now work much more with seperates - not in the form of a top and skirt - but consider, for example, a slip dress with a wrap skirt or a fuller overskirt. But loose sleeves, wrap tops and unique veils are also a perfect addition. We personally think this is a really fun trend, because you can create much more depth in a look and as a bride you can really play with it, without having to wear a completely different outfit. And as an extra bonus point; it also responds to sustainability. You no longer need dresses and you can still wear many separate parts after your wedding. Wear your wrap top with nice jeans or wear your overskirt with a nice linen top and you have an amazing outfit!

We certainly see more and more large statement flowers or other three-dimensional lace being incorporated into wedding dresses. We saw this before with Alexandra Grecco, but now also with Isabella Sanchis, for example.

In addition to the always charming V-neck, we see that off-shoulder is now also a very popular neckline. Whether you wear it with sleeves or as a wrap top with extra emphasis on your waist, it is incredibly feminine.

And finally, we see that more and more designers are working with structures and sculptures, almost architecturally. Think of designers such as Bon Bridé, Cortana, Halfpenny London and Katherine Tash. It's really a trend that we see coming back and we love it!