Real bride Lotte: pure elegance

Real bride Lotte: pure elegantie

Name: Lotte Rotscheid Temoori
Dress + Designer: BB19 + BB23, Bon Bridé
Wedding date: 10-09-2021
Wedding location: Brasserie Park, Leiderdorp
Photography: Angela Bloemsaat

What should a wedding dress convey to you?
simplicity - elegance - timeless
For me it was symbolic of the next phase; a white canvas.

What does a wedding dress mean to you?
For me, the wedding dress reflected the transition from girlfriend, fiancée to wife. While I was initially away from glitter and fuss, I noticed that the simplicity actually attracted me.

Did you have certain expectations in advance about a wedding dress? Have they come true?
I went out with a whole moadboard. But it was more the moadboard of the little princess in me. Actually, when I wore the dresses I felt which direction I wanted to go. I had a nice back detail in mind and it certainly turned out that way.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Refined - feminine - timeless

What made your dream dress perfect for you?
The fabric was perfect! I love beautiful materials and this dress certainly had that in it; the dancing, dreamy, transparent fabric of the overdress and the soft wool blend with an 'imfect' finish. Plus the back of the dress was a dream. Moreover, the dress fit wonderfully, I danced all day!

What were your expectations of a bridal boutique?
First of all, I had a dress in mind - which didn't work out - and you had this one. Now I must also say that I like perfectly thought out concepts. With Wild At Heart my heart skipped a beat. In love with the collection with a twist and yes your socials made my choice complete.

What did you like most about your experience at Wild At Heart?
The lovely ladies! Although I was quite sober and was not at all emotional during the first fitting, I almost fainted during the fitting on a hot summer day and I needed time to avoid standing in front of the fitting mirror as white as the dress. Sara was very sweet and with some humor we were able to complete the last things ;-).

What does a wedding mean to you?
Symbolically a merger in which you choose to be together forever!

Who were all present?
Our family and friends, plus children were there. Together that was about 80 adults and 20 kids. From the first moment we talked about getting married, we said to each other: “These will be long tables, lots of food and everyone will be there!” Food is important to us, and that is really something that is very strong in Iranian culture. comes from my husband's roots. In addition, you celebrate love with all your loved ones; so supporters and children were allowed to be present all day.

What was the highlight of your wedding?
Wow, there's a whole bunch of them:
- The moment with my father when he gave me away;
- Having breakfast with my parents on the morning of the wedding;
- The watch my grandfather gave me. It was an heirloom from my grandmother;
-The first look; I was so nervous and besides that it was outside and in the meantime I was getting nervous and being congratulated and photographed by all kinds of strangers on the street
-Don't stop dancing to Iranian music in particular
-A good friend who sang during the ceremony and dinner;
-Going through the entire wedding together, tired and proud, when we return home

What advice would you give to future brides?
Enjoy the entire run-up, the day goes by so quickly. Make all choices based on what feels good for you together and not for the outside world.

Would you like to share something about your wedding day?
It was an unforgettable milestone in which we celebrated life. It certainly became the long table with food and the bond is forever.