Magic Silicone Lift Covers


The Lift Covers are made of a smooth and comfortable material that completely covers the nipple and is invisible under your clothing. First stick the cover around your chest, then lift the chest and stick the top part on your skin for a nice lifted effect! The skin-friendly sticky silicone layer ensures that the Lift Covers stay in place at all times. The nipple area is kept silicone free to increase comfort. The lift covers are easy to install and remove. Take good care of the Lift Covers after wearing them by washing them with lukewarm water and allowing them to air dry. Then stick the protective film back on the covers and you will see that you can wear the covers many times! TIP: you can also swim with this!

Material: 90% silicone 10% TPU

Please note: Due to hygiene regulations, it is unfortunately not possible to return underwear.