anais anette sweden

The wedding dresses of Anaïs Anette are a perfect combination between romantic and modern. With their soft flowing skirts and romantic laces these gowns are perfect for the bride that is looking for a timeless yet modern wedding dress. A bride who is not seduced by wedding dress trends but knows exactly what she wants to look like on her wedding day. All gowns are handmade in Canada.

Price Range: €2.500 - €3.000

Anaïs Anette

Alexandra Grecco sweden

We envision these gowns for the elegant bride with effortless style. Floral embellishments, romantic flutter sleeves or pure minimalism, each style is made of high quality fabrics which make these dresses look like they’re straight from a fairytale. All gowns are hand made in New York City.

Price Range: €2.700 - €5.500

Alexandra Grecco

Bo & Luca Sweden

These gowns are for the bohemian chic bride that wants to look effortlessly beautiful on her wedding day Bo & Luca wedding dresses evoke a sense of nostalgia with their intricate beadwork and original designs. Perfect for dancing under the stars, where the beads will catch the shimmering lights and make you shine even more!

Price Range: €1.500 - €4.900

(Temple by) Bo & Luca

Bon Bride sweden

Bon Bridé creates understated yet striking wedding dresses for women who dress for themselves. With feminist principles at its core, Bon Bridé does things differently, breaking from the norms of the modern wedding. Classic fits, minimal fabrics made from natural fibers and modern lines create a modern yet contemporary bridal style that is perfect for the bride who dares to stand out, by being herself.

Price Range: €1.750 - €2.900

Bon Bridé

laure de sagazan sweden

These wedding dresses are for the romantic bride looking for that effortless feel on her wedding day. Laure de Sagazan combines romantic French laces with a soft crepe to create that perfect French feel for your wedding look. Each wedding dress is perfectly crafted in the Laure de Sagazan atelier in Paris. These gowns are perfect for an outdoor, rustic or bohemian wedding! A perfect combination of sweet and sexy and modern yet timeless.

Price Range: €2.800 - €3.500

Laure de Sagazan

Karen Willis Holmes Sweden

Seductive beads, pearls and glitter perfectly wrapped around your body. The Luxe collection by Karen Willis Holmes is for the bride that wants to shine, show of her curves and dares to be different. These bias cut gowns fall perfectly around the body while still being very comfortable to move in. We can definitely see these at a beautiful estate in summer or at a romantic winter wedding! The new ELOPE collection is modern and cool, perfect for that effortless civil wedding look!

Price Range: €2.700 - €3.500

Karen Willis Holmes

Bohemian wedding dress Sweden

These gowns are perfect for the understated bohemian bride! A mix of unique structured laces and minimal crepe create the most stunning shapes on your body. The Lovers Society gowns are feminine, sexy, cool and bohemian! For the bride who likes to stand out on her wedding day and show of her curves and personality! All Lovers Society wedding dresses are hand made in New Zealand.

Price Range: €2.100 - €2.900

Lovers Society

la lune luna bea sweden

These gowns are for the romantic minimal bride that is looking for something that is statement, yet timeless. All Luna Bea gowns are made from ethically produced silk and handmade in the U.K. and honestly, they feel like a dream to wear. The way this fabric flows is just magical and we know once you try it on, you will never want to take it off.

Price Range: €2.500 - €3.350

Luna Bea

lola varma sweden

The Lola Varma collection consists of a beautiful mix of wedding dresses, separates and belts so you can create the perfect bridal look for your wedding day. These unique designs from Australia are one of a kind. The relaxed vibe of the brand is perfect if you don't want to feel tó bridal on your wedding day but still look fab! All gowns are handmade in Australia.

Price Range: €2.500 - €3.250

Lola Varma

maria fekih

These gowns are for the minimal cool bride who is looking for a dress with a unique design with great attention to detail. Maria Fekih design gowns who are perfect for that minimal statement look. Classy, modern and timeless, like you would expect from Scandinavian design!

Price Range: €1.900 - €3.400

Maria Fekih

margaux tardits sweden

Wedding dresses from Margaux Tardits are always slightly different than usual, due to the use of romantic fabrics combined with unique embroidered fabrics. These dresses are for the bride who dares to be different, always unique and dress stylishly, also on her wedding day. Detailed designs full of flowers or minimalistic silhouettes with cut-outs, provides each dress with a refined and timeless look. All dresses are made by hand in Paris.

Price Range: €3.500 - €4.500

Margaux Tardits

Prea James Sweden

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," as Leonardo Da Vinci said. Prea James bridal is for the bride who loves smooth fabrics and minimalist designs with a unique touch. These gowns are for the modern minimalist. A mix of classic fits, sexy cut-outs and silky fabrics. Prea James wedding dresses are for the bride of now! Perfect if you are looking for a minimal statement wedding dress to shine in on your wedding day. All gowns are designed and handmade in Australia.

Price Range: €3.000 - €4.500

Prea James

rime arodaky sweden

We envision these gowns for the bride who isn’t afraid to be herself and feels great in her own skin. She is cool, sexy, feminine, independent and full of life. She prefers ‘less is more’ and subtle and extraordinary details. She will recognize this in the bridal gowns by Rime Arodaky, the rock & roll designer from Paris famous for her luxurious fabrics, original designs and amazing embroideries. All dresses are handmade in Paris.

Price Range: €2.900 - €4.600

Rime Arodaky

Rue de Seine Sweden

We envision these gowns for the vintage and eclectic bride who loves the thrill of adventures but also the coziness of dinner outside with friends and family. She loves to collect unique objects and in the search for her wedding dress she is no different. Rue de Seine gowns are inspired by traditional styles from all over the globe, giving them unique laces, fabrics and styles. All gowns are handmade in New Zealand.

Price Range: €2.800 - €3.800

Rue de Seine


rime arodaky sweden

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