30 april 2020

Designer Shannon of Bo & Luca tells us all about her timeless brand!


We asked one of our favorite designers to answer our questions that we were dying to know the answers to! Shannon Pittman is the designer of effortless boho chic bridal label Bo & Luca. She inspires us every season with the most intricate beaded gowns and if you are looking for that bohemian look that is luxurious, these gowns are definitely for you! So let’s get to know Shannon a little bit better!

How did you get to bridal designing and starting your own business in that particular field? 
I was living in the Middle East and was fortunate enough to meet people from around the world and was exposed to a diverse range of styles and designs which fed my creative energy and planted the seeds for the brand. Whilst living there I received requests from my girl friends to help them design their own wedding gowns which reflected their unique styles and tastes. I started creating these gowns for close friends and quickly realized that there was a gap in the market for one of a kind gowns. After 2 years of research and experimentation with fabrics and designs, I started my own company, which you know now as Bo & Luca. The brand quickly took off and I opened my own studio in Australia working closely with a small atelier in India who worked for esteemed fashion houses such as Elie Saab, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana amongst others. I believed that I could grow the brand and offer everyday women the chance to wear a hand crafted, hand beaded heirloom piece.  The craftsmanship in our gowns incorporate ancient beadwork forms and are something I am incredibly proud of. My team and I work really hard each season to create collections which embody self-expression and uphold the highest quality fabrics and beadwork. 

What sets your brand from other brands?
Our unique hand craftsmanship, Each and every Bo & Luca piece is made from 100% silk and incorporates hand-dying techniques and detailed hand-beading; in essence we follow the notion of slow luxury. In doing so, every piece is unique and individually crafted. We pride ourselves on the fact that we shy away from mass-manufacturing and focus on sustainable and ethical processes. Each gown is created using the ancient beading technique of Tambour and we’re proud to keep this art form alive.

Anything you can already reveal about your upcoming collection? 
We are so excited to share our upcoming Bo & Luca collection with the world! We are re-creating some of our most cherished and breathtaking Gowns with new beadwork designs, high quality fabrics and modern day silhouettes which will resonate with the contemporary bride.

If you got married today what season would you get married in and what dress would you wear? 
I love Spring when all the flowers are in bloom, also its not too hot or too cold. I would wear either the gorgeous Gabrielle gown as I love the one sleeve and beaded detailing or the Dallas gown, its bead work is a piece of art. 

What is your favorite dress from your collection?
This is such a tough question as each Gown is an expression of a labour of love. However, if I had to choose I would have to say that it was the Manhattan gown, although the Dallas is now my new favorite. I love the long sleeves, feminine fit and beadwork which is is so exquisite and elegant. 

Is sustainability something you (can) take into account in the production of your gowns and materials you choose? 
Yes, definitely! All of our Bo & Luca gowns and pieces are created by hand by master craftsman, and take a matter of months to create. These are created as timeless pieces that are crafted to be lovingly handed down through families as heirloom pieces. As each gown is lovingly made to order, we ensure that there is no excess wastage in the fabrication and beading used. In working with our ateliers, we are supporting their families and their age old techniques which have been passed down through generations. These ateliers hold the same values as we do.

Best reaction a bride ever gave you? 
We are so grateful to have the bridal community that we do who believe in the brand and are proud to be a Bo & Luca brides. Every social media tag and comment we receive from our brides pays homage to the gowns and we’re honored to be a part of their special day! Earlier this year we had a bride come in with her Mum, they were both in tears when she found ’the one’. They both fell in love with the brand and our core values which resulted in the Mum also buying her gown from us. Of course, we hand-dyed the mother of the brides gown in black so that there was no competition on the big day!

What would you recommend a bride who’d rather choose something classic and timeless, over a more fashionable and unique dress, although they’re into both at the time of choosing their wedding dress? 
We get this a lot, but usually because the Mother of the bride / bridal party don't quite understand the bride's unique taste. Usually our brides are very modern and a little more fashion conscious. They sometimes have a hard time convincing their family of their choices. What we usually tell our brides is to choose a gown that makes them feel uniquely them and not necessarily what is 'in fashion' at the time of choosing a gown. Fashion / trends change over time, however wearing a gown that is suitable for your own unique personality is timeless. 

What’s something about your job that people will be really surprised that you have to do? 
It's not something that I have to do, but something that I always do, is to try on each and everyone of our gowns from our collections once they are finalized. I'm a woman that has had a baby and I have little hang ups about my body,  I want to see how I would feel in each of our pieces to see where it hugs the body and how the dress falls, from there we can make final adjustments to ensure that each bride feels and looks her best. 

Name a woman you’d love to see in one of your gowns (celeb or non-celeb) 
There are so many I could choose,  all of the gorgeous women that love our brand,  I am truly honored when a woman chooses to wear one of our gowns. I know that its a really important gown for a very special day that’s remembered for generations to come, I don't take this lightly at all. If I had to choose a Celebrity to wear one of our Gowns I’d love to see either - Rooney Mara, Sienna Miller, Poppy Delevingne or Gwyneth Paltrow.

What are your current favorite bridal trends?
 I don’t follow trends as such, however I love big sleeves, these create a dramatic statement whilst providing comfort.

Where do you find your biggest inspiration?
I love vintage stores, I love finding interesting pieces and to see the way clothing used to be created and fall on the body. I would say 70% of my wardrobe is from different vintage stores that I've come across on my travels. 

When you're attending a wedding, what would you say if you favorite part of the day? 
The ceremony! I love watching two lovers standing at the end of the alter declaring their love. It's truly the most special moment when two people have chosen to commit their lives to one another, their eyes are glowing and they have the biggest smiles. 

Name three things our blog readers might not know about you? 
I was born in New Zealand, not Australia. I'm a hopeless romantic. I currently live in South Africa with my husband ( who is from Cape Town )  

What are three things people would be surprised to learn about you?
I love old school country music ( too many years living with my grandparents. ) I have 6 sisters. I never attended fashion school :) 

Any wisdom for future Wild at Heart Brides?
Enjoy every moment of choosing your wedding gown, even if others within your family friends do not understand the dress. Remember the gown you choose makes you feel special and thats all that really matters. On your wedding day, do not worry about all the little things that may not go they way you had planned….they were always meant to go this way, thats the power of the universe! 

Quick fire:
- Fave cocktail? Is champagne a cocktail!!!?
- Sneakers or heels? Barefoot! 
- Black or white? White 
- Fave fashion brand? Ulla Johnson 
- Song you can listen to on repeat? Anything old school Jazz 
- Fave Tv show? Im currently watching Goop Lab 
- Winter or summer? Summer, always Summer
- Pasta or pizza? Pasta 
- Cats or dogs? Dogs

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