14 januari 2020

Interview – Pippa from Bon Bridé


Recently we had a chat with bridal designer Pippa, the founder of Bon Bridé, a British based bridal brand known for its sustainable, minimal and edgy wedding dresses. With her designs, Pippa created something truly unique not seen before in the bridal world. All gowns are made by hand in London with the greatest attention to detail. Pippa says "I want to offer alternative options and for each collection to evolve with a new generation of modern women. It is not “timeless” and it doesn’t claim to create “classic” pieces. It’s of the moment and it celebrates the women of this moment in time, the bride of now." Would you like to know more about Pippa, her collections and her vision on bridal fashion? Check out this interview!

You worked as a buyer at Topshop and Harrods before, tell us a bit more about that, how did you get to bridal designing and starting your own business in that particular field?

I have been so fortunate with my career in fashion. A buying role at Topshop was my first ever role, I would say it taught me pretty much everything I know about the industry from negotiating, product development and business growth. I then went on to buying for Harrods private label which introduced me to couture, quality and real craftsmanship but it wasn’t until I was getting married myself when I really struggled to find a dress. Especially in such an over populated industry where we are surrounded by bridal boutiques everywhere, still I couldn’t find anything that felt like me so I knew I needed to go bespoke and it was my beautiful friend Hermione de Paula who made my dress. I was her very first bride and It was this incredible experience that then led me on to Bon Bride but instead to create something that wasn’t lace or floral but just simple, and relaxed and really well made.. for me its as much about the experience as it is the dress..

If you got married today what season would you get married in and what dress would you wear?

I think it would have to be Autumn/ Winter, I love a sleeve and a weighty fabric ( and anything oversized )

What is your favourite dress from your collection? 

Gosh its seriously hard but it has to be in between bb:05 our off the shoulder dress and also bb:03 the hammered silk belted dress. Both these styles offer a very cool, relaxed and effortless feel whilst still being sexy and chic (plus both have pockets and sleeves)

What are your fave materials to work with and why?

I love our hammered silk satin on the bb:03, its so soft and fluid yet it has texture and substance and also a gorgeous subtle sheen. I love a heavy crepe too, tailored and with weight.

Best reaction a bride ever gave you? 

Just instant tears, has to be the best reaction! When my brides have searched and undergone the stressful experience of finding a dress, they come to us, put one of our dresses on and instantly just feel like themselves, its beautiful to see.

What would you recommend a bride who’d rather choose something classic and timeless, over a more fashionable and unique dress, although they’re into both at the time of choosing their wedding dress?

I Just think why would you want to look back at those pictures of yourself and just look like every other bride!! I want my brides to look back and say, this was me! That this dress represented me at that point in my life, this was my style and not somebody else’s. I think personality and style speaks volumes!

We for example love Refinery29 and Man Repeller, we’re curious to hear what is your favorite (bridal) fashion blog?
I love who, what wear and man repeller too but Im a bit more old school than blogs, I prefer museums, old magazines and old books for inspo.

What’s something about your job that people will be really surprised that you have to do?

I juggle work with mother hood which is hard. Many a time have I had my little one’s attend fittings but my brides are so understanding and lovely so makes a huge difference.

Name a woman you’d love to see in one of your gowns (celeb or non-celeb)

I cant wait to do my sisters wedding dress, this is one dress that will mean so much to us all.

Is sustainability something you (can) take into account in the production of your gowns and materials you choose?

Gosh yes absolutely. I try incorporating this into every aspect of my life not just the business. We re use any plastic packaging that we get sent, re-using box’s, buying end of lined fabrics which would other wise go to landfill. All our production is made here in London in a very prestigious Atelier ran by the most incredible women. Everything is made to order so nothing goes to waste. We also offer an alteration service post wedding so we can adapt the dress and create something that can be worn time and time again.

What are your current favourite bridal trends?
I don’t really follow the bridal trends but im loving hardware and buttons at the moment. Anything you wouldn’t normally associate with a wedding dress I love!

Where do you find your biggest inspiration?

I love old magazines, I have such a big collection of a variety of magazines, BON, another, LOVE, Vogue dating back to the 80”s and I love nothing more than looking back through these time and time again, I see things that then would have been irrelevant but now seem so current.

Anything you can already reveal about your upcoming collection?

I promised myself I would only design and create when the idea came. I wont be releasing collection after collection because I think that’s wasteful and I still love this collection. What I plan on doing is introducing new styles and small capsule collections when the ideas come but I am so mindful of the environment even more so than ever before, this is going to be a real focus for 2020 and our brand. Im also listening to my brides and what they want so they will take a huge part in the descisiong making for the next few samples.

When your attending a wedding, what would you say if you favourite part of the day?

That build up and anticipation when you expect the bride to walk down the aisle any moment. The tension in the room, the atmosphere is so un nerving and raw it gives me goose bumps.

Name three things our blog readers might not know about you? What are three things people would be surprised to learn about you?
I Love cold weather – an excuse to stay in doors, light a fire and drink red wine
I married my childhood sweetheart who I continuously fall in love with over and over
I’m scared of social media

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Be kind people… love lots and give lots but lets all be kind to each other

Any wisdom for future Wild at Heart Brides?

I don’t always offer this as advise but when I get a bride who comes to my studio by herself it’s a completely different experience. There are no opinions, no confusion, the feeling is real and its relaxed. I sometimes find that when brides bring and entourage (before they have even taken a look themselves) they automatically look to the group for a reaction, which is just so wrong so my advise is go alone! Trust your gut and your feelings and also trust the girls serving you. Also choose the right boutique.

Quick fire:
- Fave cocktail? Hhmm more a GNT kind a girl
- Sneakers or heels? PRE KIDS – HEELS / POST KIDS SNEAKERS
- Black or white? BLACK EVERY DAY
- Fave fashion brand? Vintage, Celine, ACNE, Balenciaga
- Song you can listen to on repeat? Natalie Merchant Album – Tigerlily.. No one will probably know this Album but my sister brought it back with her when she went travelling and then she went of again and I just remember listening to it on repeat and missing her so much!! 13 years later she finally came home in July
- Most used emoji? Monkey with the hands over the face
- Winter or summer? WINTER
- Tacos or pizza? PIZZA
- Cats or dogs? DOGS

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Bon Bride - wild at heart bridal
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Bon Bride - wild at heart bridal
Bon Bride - wild at heart bridal
Bon Bride - wild at heart bridal
minimal wedding dress
minimalistische trouwjurk