24 maj 2022

To veil or not to veil


A question many brides ask us while they endeavor upon their journey to find the perfect bridal look…

What is involved in choosing a veil and what do you have to take into account? In our opinion, a veil is mainly intended to compliment your beautiful wedding dress. To accentuate the special parts of your dress or to give it that little bit of extra drama. But most of all, it is important that your veil does not overpower your dress but compliments it. That being said, this is the only time you will ever be able to wear a veil and it is a moment we suggest you make good use of. You will see, the moment you put it on you feel whether wearing a veil is right for you. If you have decided that it is, these tips will help you pick the right one!

So where to start? Well, the starting point is - of course - your dress! :)

Different styles
There are different bridal styles like, bohemian, minimal, classic, romantic and many more. With a type veil you can accentuate your style, balance it, or just go for that little extra twist.
For example, if you have fallen in love with a minimal dress, you can choose to enhance the 'minimal' aspect with a beautifully clean veil. Like the ultimate classic veil of Alexandra Grecco or Rue de Seine, you can never go wrong with those. But if you want to add a slightly more romantic touch, we also have the perfect veil for you. Think about a veil with a vintage lace edge or a playful overall print, like the Harlow veil by Made With Love! If you have a dress with more lace detailing, opt for a calmer veil or one with a matching lace for the right balance! When it comes to veils, "less is more" certainly applies! Make sure to never take away the beauty of your dress, but simply enhance it.

Various lengths
Another factor when choosing your veil is the length. A short veil, such as Fingertip length, is the perfect veil to give your bridal look that playful touch as it will float behind you as you walk. The lines of your dress are preserved and the special details of your dress remain fully visible. Our Shadow veil by A La Robe, made of lightly woven silk, is the ultimate playful veil. Short, minimal, yet warm and full of texture! It just adds that little bit of edge and mystery to your wedding look.

If you want all that drama, Alexandra Grecco's 3 meter long Lennon veil is your best friend! The Lennon veil is edited with the most exquisite laser cut 3D florals and beading. It is one of a kind and adds just the right amount of drama to your wedding look. If you're not sure whether your dress feels royal enough an extra long veil will be a beautiful addition to your look! By long we mean either Church length, 3 meters or Cathedral length, 3.5 meters.

If you want to go long but don’t want to take the attention away from you and your dress, it is a very nice option to opt for a completely plain veil. The dreamy feeling comes into its own due to the length, but there will be a nice synarchy between the dress and the veil because the veil radiates more tranquility.

Embroidered veils have been beloved for decades. And not without reason, because let's be honest, it is the perfect romantic touch to your bridal look. It gives that little bit extra…
For example, if you are going for a completely minimal dress, but still want to add some more details to your look, go for an embroidered veil. We carry a beautiful selection from Alexandra Grecco. They are just whimsical.

Matching veils
If you have a dress with lace detailing, brands such as Margaux Tardits, Laure de Sagazan and Anaïs Annette can add the same lace of your dress to the veil. It will add some more romance and drama to your look, while still complimenting your wedding dress. It will perfectly round out your look.

Last point, but certainly not unimportant, what hairstyle are you going to wear on your wedding day? When choosing your veil it is important to consider your bridal hairstyle. It is a common misconception that you cannot wear a veil if you have a loose hairstyle. We’d beg to differ. It could still look stunning with your hair down, it just needs a certain volume to secure the veil. If your hair is too smooth, any veil will fall out of your hair, but we are sure your hairstylist will be able to help you with this!

When wearing your hair down the veil is usually placed not at the back of your head, but just on the top back so that it drapes beautifull around your locks. You can choose to wear a veil with or without a blusher (that part of a veil that falls over your face if you wish it to), as it will fall very naturally with your hair down.

When wearing a high ponytail or bun you can choose to wear the veil underneath, attached to the bun or over it. If you go for a romantic low bun we suggest using the comb attached to the veil and pin it just above the bun. It is also beautiful to combine this with some hair adornments from for instance Lizeron or pins from Maison Sabben.

We hope this article has given you a little look into the world of veils! And never forget, go for a veil that feels most natural to you. We will always make sure that you look stunning, with or without a veil!

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