Wild At Heart Bridal is a unique bridal boutique for the modern bride, who will always be wild at heart. Wild at Heart stands for all unique women with a strong sense of identity who are funny, adventurous, romantic and do not want to conform to the traditional. What binds them is that they are truly themselves, in everything they do. This is the reason we started our bridal boutique. To provide wedding dresses that match those personality traits that make you so unique. Are you a little bit of a tomboy, than Houghton is definitely for you. Feel like a total boho babe, than check out Rue de Seine, and so our list goes on. We would love to welcome you in our light and comfortable space in the centre of Nijmegen and find the perfect dress for you! Feel like we’d be a good match? Get on with it than, book your appointment.


Van Welderenstraat 132
6511 MV Nijmegen