27 October 2022

The new collection of Lovers Society, Aegean


The new collection - Aegean - from Lovers Society has been launched today. And we completely dream away, thinking of sun-drenched days by the sea, salt on your skin, sandy toes and summer evenings filled with music.

Lovers Society Bride
The Bride of Lovers Society stands out from the crowd. The distinctive silhouettes and unique patterns give a modern twist to the classic bohemian dresses.

Each dress is designed in their own studio in Auckland, through a slow and deliberate design process to ensure that everyone who wears a Lovers Society dress feels the most confident and beautiful.

Aegean Collection
The new collection makes you long for sun-drenched islands. Places where olive trees create canopies for long summer lunches. And perfect evenings in the moonlight, where unforgettable memories are made.

The satin finish of the dresses reflects the moonlit evenings by the sea. The delicate embroidery represents the fluttering vines and lush flowers.

The Aegean collection is made for the romantic or modern bride. The woman looking for a dress that reflects her special 'journey' she has made and is about to embark on.

Get lost in the sun-drenched collection and enjoy the salty breeze of the Mediterranean in your mind.

Plan your appointment with us
In November, the new Lovers Society dresses arrive in our boutique. Keep an eye on our Instagram in the coming period for the latest updates about the collection and the new arrivals!
The prices of the 'Aegean' collection are between €2450 and €3580.

Book your appointment now to try on these beautiful dresses. Go to 'make an appointment'and book your pass appointment easily online via our online agenda!

We honestly can’t wait!

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