24 January 2023

Vivienne + Rutger : only love


Name: Vivienne & Rutger
Dress + Designer: Lilium Gown – Alexandra Grecco
Wedding date: 21.05-2022
Wedding location: Borgo Castello Panicaglia
Photographer: Marleen Serné

What should a wedding dress radiate for you?
Elegance & confidence

What does a wedding dress mean to you?
It is important to me that a wedding dress reflects who I am as a person. At the wedding I want to feel the most beautiful version of myself in my wedding dress and be able to radiate that.

Did you have certain expectations in advance with a wedding dress?
I had seen a number of Alexandra Grecco dresses that were among my favourite. I tried on 7 dresses in total. Luckily I know what I want. When I wore dress number two I knew this was going to be my wedding dress. I felt completely myself in it and it made me silent. Something that doesn't happen often for me.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Stylish, modern and a touch of glamour

What made your dream dress perfect for you?
My wedding dress is modern and elegant with a glamourous twist. That's exactly what I love and suits me. Furthermore, it was a perfect dress to dance in, which was also a must for me.

What were your expectations of a bridal boutique?
I expected nice personal help and I already had a feeling that I would be able to find a dress with you.

What did you like most about your experience at Wild At Heart?
The boutique is beautiful and exudes tranquility. I really liked that you can choose a small selection of dresses in advance and have all the time to try them on. Both Dionne, Annika and Sara were incredibly nice and helpful. They let you in your value and think along. This made it a very relaxing and pleasant experience.

What does a wedding mean to you?
For me, a wedding means celebrating love with each other.

Who were all present?
We had 56 guests at our wedding. Our dearest friends and family were present which made it very intimate.

What was the highlight of your wedding?
There were so many highlights of our wedding weekend that it's hard to pick just one. When I think back to our wedding, I especially think back to the love we share for each other and celebrated this together with all the lovely people who were there. That gives me warm feelings and a great sense of gratitude.

What advice would you give to brides-to-be?
Make sure you arrange everything well in advance and trust the master of ceremonies. This way you can let go of control and enjoy your own wedding to the fullest! It's okay if things don't go according to plan. For example, the morning after we got married I lost my wedding ring. Because everyone started to help search and after a few hours the ring was found, this was a nice twist. It typifies me and we can still laugh about it.

Would you like to share something else about your wedding day?
They were the happiest days of our lives so far. Sometimes I can still get tears in my eyes when seeing photos or our wedding film even though we are 7 months further. They are wonderful memories that you make together for life and that no one can take away from you.
Lilium Alexandra Grecco